Limes LI50 / B2

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文字只有英文版本。The non-contact incremental magnetic linear measurement system Limes LI50 / B2 - made up of the sensor head LI50 and of the magnetic band B2 - reaches a resolution up to 5 µm with a maximum distance of 2 mm between the sensor and the band.

For outdoor use with extremely sturdy aluminum housing and stainless-steel cover, wide temperature range as well as a UVresistant cable. IP68 / IP69k protection, special encapsulation technology and tested resistance to cyclic humidity and damp heat offer the highest levels of reliability, even in exposed outdoor use.


外形尺寸 10x25x40 mm
速度 16 m/s
测量长度 70 m
精度 0,1
防护等级 最大 IP69k
接口类型 RS422
连接 电缆
分辨率 5 µm
工作溫度 -20 °C   ...   +80 °C
供电电压 4,8...26 VDC

  • Sturdy housing with IP67 protection. Option: special housing for maximum resistance against condensation (IP68 / IP69k, resistance to cyclic humidity acc. to EN 60068-3-38 as well as damp heat acc. to EN 60068-3-78).
  • Non-contact measuring system – free from wear.
  • Masking tape protecting the magnetic band.
Easy installation
  • Simple glued assembly of the magnetic tape.
  • Large mounting tolerances.
  • Requires very little installation space.
  • Warning signals via status LED if the magnetic field is too weak.




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